Not Crazy

I’m not crazy

I might be a little insane

But I love the beat; it’s getting to my brain

I’m not crazy

I’ll take you by the hand

And you can’t blame me for being who I am

You call me crazy

But that ain’t true

Cause I’ll fly to the sky and I’ll show you what we do

You can call me crazy

But its not on my mind

Cause I’m a busy man; I ain’t got the time

And I’m not crazy

I’m a little insane

My vision’s hazy

It’s getting to brain

And if I’m crazy

Then you’re just as well

Cause this old lady

Is insane as anyone can tell

But I’m not crazy

The Icognito Writer: Hey guys, back again after a short New Year break. Wrote this piece for fun, hope you like it.


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