I would like to believe in something more than myself

But despair and fear has got me chained down

I would like to see the sky turn blue

But my hopes and dreams never come true

I would like to believe that I could fly

Soaring past the clouds so white

But sadness and misery are by my side

Clutching me close; I can’t hide

It’s nothing but despair

Nothing but fear

Anguish and torment

It hurts this very moment

But I still believe

The Icognito Writer

2 comments on “Believe

  1. I love the way the physical position of the poem on the page reflects the dwindling faith. Then, in the end, there’s still a bit of hope or belief in something left even though it’s like the sadness is bearing down or burying it. ❤


  2. believe is the beautiful word.. i am kinda falling in love with it..


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