I felt nothing. Smoke rose from the grounds obscuring my vision. I didn’t need to see to know that this was hell; hell on earth. It wasn’t long until my sense returned; I wasn’t dead, at least not yet. The intense heat came first. I felt like I was being stuck in a furnace; roasted alive. The pain from my left hand stopped me from thinking about the heat for a short while; it had been dislocated, badly. My legs were in worse shape, at least they were. I don’t even think I could call them legs anymore, they were nothing more than stumps of burnt flesh. Thankfully my face was still intact; if I survived plastic surgery would definitely be an option though. The only problem was the gaping wound in the middle of my chest.

I tried to move but with only one good arm and a useless body I couldn’t get anywhere so I stayed put and tried to ignore the pain. It wasn’t even fifteen minutes later when I heard the sound again; the sound of aircraft overhead. I turned towards the sky, hoping that they would be ours, hoping that I would be saved. But all I saw was a small object being dropped. And as it fell, I laughed. I laughed as I finally left this devastation.

The Icognito Writer: In response to Devastation from The Daily Post


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