The Codfish

It was a peaceful life in the pond; there were no fishermen. James loved swimming among the lilies as his orange spots glimmered in the green of the pond. Arthur preferred a much quieter life; his darker scales made sure he didn’t stand out too much. James would often come and disturb Arthur, the young codfish was always full of energy. Arthur didn’t mind it  much; James was better than most other fish in the pond. Still, Arthur preferred the peace and quiet; he had been longing to reread his favourite book ‘Harry Codder and The Philosopher’s Pearl’. Though with James around, that seemed nearly impossible.

It had been three months since James joined the little pond of ‘Wilsons And Sons’. The young cod had quickly become a huge celebrity; his orange spots stood out among the grey and black of the other fishes. Interestingly enough; James was also quite humble and didn’t flaunt his looks that much. Others, thinking that he had a secret motive quickly isolated him. Only Arthur would remain loyal and obviously James would return the favour. Sure it was boring; but it was a peaceful life in the pond.

The Icognito Writer: In response to Flash Fiction – Week #05 2017 from Flash Fiction For The Practical Practitioner


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