In The Center

Its so hard in the center All eyes are on you You can't run you can't waver They can see the truth It's so hard in the center You try your best Who you were you can't remember As you blend in with the rest The Icognito Writer: Center


Night Of The Fireflies

Little lights floating in the sky Glowing as bright as a candle light Its the night of the fireflies Its the night of the fireflies Making their ways with their little wings The repetitive sound does sing Of a joyous take On the night of the fireflies

Like A Child

Like a child At awe with the world Forming smiles At things unheard Like a babe Laughing now The world's the same So don't frown Like a child Filled with wonder Going wild Making blunders Like a babe Crawling slowly I am the same Don't you know me The Icognito Writer: Baby


Do not be afraid my child, of the fading of the light Do not fear the terrors and darkness of the night Do not worry for the things that are and are to come Let fear itself begone


Endless misery, endless torment Raging waters and a dark sky My mind is twisted; I'm at the end of my line Endless torture and endless pain The world is full of hurt and disease Sickened flesh and rotting corpses; the world is full of these The Icognito Writer

Little Things

Little things like these Make me love you all the more Little things like these Are what I adore The way you smile from cheek to cheek The way you laugh at everything Little things like these Are what I adore The Icognito Writer


Bullets Like raindrops made of lead Filling you with dread I'd rather be anywhere else instead Guns What a terrible terrible sound One that quakes and shakes the ground Leaving dead bodies all around Cannons With giant balls of flames The outcome is always the same The fire driving men insane Bullets Like raindrops from …

Love Is

Love is a treasure That should not be buried It is a present That should not be hurried It is a gift From one soul to another So share your love Brother to brother Treasure


Abide by the rules They determine your life Abide by the rules And there will be no strive But if you don't obey Then you won't survive So abide my darling So that you can thrive Abide


Dreams are whimsical They are mystical Filled of wonder and magic Of stories joyful and tragic Dreams are beautiful Their glory bountiful And as we sleep Make sure you dream Mystical

No Mercy

No mercy for the weak No favor for the poor No grace for the lost at heart This world is a closed door I said no mercy for the weak And no favour for the poor Find yourself if you are lost at heart Cause you're world is a closed door Be careful my little …

I’ve Hear

I've heard stories of the past Memories that shall last Beautiful like stained glass I've heard of lovers far and near Of birds in the air Of beings everywhere I've heard a great deal of stories These are the memories That are precious to me The Icognito Writer: Heard