When I See You

When I see you I lose all sense of time and space. My eyes are focused solely on your beautiful visage. I am unable to turn away my gaze. Music plays in the background; softly, gently but passionate. Each time I look at you my body resonates. I would love to talk to you, tell you how beautiful you are but I can only watch from afar. I do not have the looks, money or class to offer you but I can give you my time and my heart. There are a lot of thins that happen to me, when I see you.


The Icognito Writer | Copyright 2017: IBMC #01 – Phrase A Paragraph


3 Replies to “When I See You”

  1. Thank you so much for taking up the IBMC.. 🙂 Yay! I am excited to read all the takes on the challenge prompts.. 🙂 Welcome to the IBMC tour! 🙂

    There was lots of love in ‘when i see you’. I will be back soon to read the others already posted.. 🙂

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