The Trees Speak: The Fire

The trees are calm now

They speak to each other in hush tones

Spreading secrets

Spreading warmth

The weather is hot

Their leaves are dry

The branches are baked

Yet the trees are still happy

A spark lights

Not much, just a little flame

But its summer and the flame grows

The trees are afraid

The fire burns

It quickly spires out of control

Consuming all that it sees

Consuming the trees

The trees are fearful

Yet they do not fall

They do not falter

They do not cry

The trees stand tall

Facing the flames with all their might

Their lives on the line

For those who live inside their branches

The flame dies out

Rain has quelled its anger

The trees still stand

Though they are much darker

Their trunks are black

Burnt with the heat of the flame

Yet they are still there

Yet they still speak in hushed tones

The Icognito Writer


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