Fight And Pillage

Conquer and control That's all we know Fight and pillage And then onwards to the next village Luck



Immerse yourself in the air Let it guide your wings here Immerse yourself in the earth Feel it give birth Immerse yourself in the fire Rid of worldly desires Immerse yourself in the waters My sons and my daughters Immerse yourself in the thunder Grab and hold one another Immerse yourself in the quake Feel …

Red Roses

Red roses are beautiful without season Red roses are beautiful without reason But they will wilt And they will fade And they will pass away Red roses are a sight to behold Red roses are a story to be told But they will wilt Yes its true Red roses are just like you The Icognito …

Exposed Now

City nights and street lights They are all laid bare Glimmering sights and pub fights Its all in the air Exposed now They are exposed now From the air to the ground They are exposed now Walking by with head held high I know where I have been Even the sky is under my watchful eye

Set A Fire

Set a fire to your heart Let it burn with passion Set a fire to your love It's a chemical reaction Set some fury to your body Make sure you play with fire Set some fury to you soul Have a burning desire Set a fire to your hear Let it burn with passion Set …

Worry About You

Don't worry about the sunshine Don't worry about the floods Don't worry about the night time Don't worry about us Don't worry about the highways and byways or the sky so blue Don't worry about us, and we won't worry about you The Incognito Writer

Lucky Penny

Its the luck of the draw The lucky penny Don't gamble, don't call Save your money if you have any Its a lucky world we're in Freedom and what not So care your luck to yourself Don't tell me you forgot <a href="">Luck</a>