I’ve Tried

I’ve tried my best

Tried to climb the mountain

To reach that crest

I gave it my all


I’ve tried to my best

Sweated blood and tears

But I failed the test

And I started to fall

But what I hated wasn’t the falling

What I hated wasn’t the fear

It was the name calling that I couldn’t bear


Oh you haven’t worked hard enough

Oh you haven’t tried

You’ve got to toughen up on the inside

Where were you when I trained

Where were you when I hurt

Where were you when I was pained with a face full of dirt


Where were you when I laughed

Where were you when I cried

But here you are with a slap to the face saying I haven’t tried

But I’ve tried

The Icognito Writer


5 Replies to “I’ve Tried”

  1. Some tanka your sad poem inspired:
    love left not betrayed
    broken heart–no–loneliness
    please post please tell me
    your there for me longing for
    as i long for you your touch
    my love my dearest
    these words we’ll read together
    for I need to see
    your eyes–as you read my words
    my love for you transcribed
    we read we kissed
    made love our heats racing
    no finish line tape
    our love journeyed on an on
    truelove forever divine
    ten years down the line
    she looked into my eyes–read
    o no, i caught her–
    fall it was that time again
    we kissed goodbye we cried

    Watch out for a pingback,


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