Hello Poverty

Hello boy from the fields

You are struggling to find work

Searching for one last meal

Before you body joins the dirt


Hello pauper on the street

You are looking for one little coin

Begging everyone you meet

But they all just disappoint


Hello children in the morgue

You were young but you weren’t free

Your situation was absurd

Your lives were incomplete


Hello boy from the fields

Your body has withered at its seams

No longer now whats fake and whats real

As you fade into your final dream

The Icognito Writer


3 Replies to “Hello Poverty”

  1. there are so many kids on the street whom we see.. my heart feels sad for them..wish I could do to change it.. when I was in India if I came across such kids I would buy him/her a something to eat. 😦 I really wish if something could be done for them.

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