Treehouse Memories

I climb into the abandoned treehouse; splinters of wood lay scattered across the backyard. It had been a long time since James had been back home, longer since he had even touched the treehouse. Back then the ladder was such a hassle to climb, he had to stretch his scrawny limbs as far as they could go. Now he climbed the ropes with ease, he had grown into his own after all. As James lay in the rundown wooden enclosure, he remembered all the good times they had. Julian and Jeffrey had insisted on calling themselves the Three J’s after the three musketeers. When Jack came along it became the JJJ and J club. Of course, no girls were allowed except from when there were snacks. Looking back on his old hideout James smiled. His parents were moving and he would most likely never be back there again but the memories, they would never leave him.

The Icognito Writer: Hideout


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