I believed in something else

I wasn’t sure what

I know that something would come

But over time I forgot

I trusted in life itself

That was a grave mistake

Cause now I’m cold and alone

And slowly rusting away

I should dreamt higher

Should flown faster

Should have everything I could

To be my own master

I could have done more

How sad it is to realise

That there was more to life

Just as it passes by

But now I have hope

For another day

I will walk my own path

Will pave the way

Cause now I believe

That I know now

That life is what you make it out

Not where you’re around

So God watch over me

Guide me with your spirit

Watch me pave the way

Help me do it

I can do all I can

The rest is up to you

I am just a man

That much is true

The Icognito Writer


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