A Sailor And His Ship

Brody decided to become a sailor at a very young age; he decided it when he was 5. After watching countless videos of Popeye and Sinbad, Brody thought that the coolest people were sailors; take that superman. But Brody quickly realised how stupid that decision was; it was the worst decision of his life.

The life of a sailor was a terrible one last best; the pay was decent but it barely covered the maintenance of the ship. The pig scraps were what Brody used to live. He had long ago given up on being bale to afford an apartment, opting instead to sleep on the cold floors of the ship. He had cut down on food expenses as well; three square meals of fish a day with your choice of assorted seafood was enough to keep him going.

There were many things Brody hated about the sea. He hated the way the sun reflected off the waves and into your eyes; he couldn’t afford sunglasses. The incessant shaking of the boat even when on still water was also off putting. The way the waves crashed into the boat, drenching him in salt water was another detestable trait of the sea. And, despite being a sailor for 15 years, Brody hated the fact that he couldn’t swim.

There were a lot of things that Brody hated but perhaps the worst of all was the sea itself. It’s vastness tried to swallow him whole; the raging waters reminding him of the tempest that was his life. Something about its shade of blue also frightened Brody; it was as if he was lost in a cold, vast wasteland with nowhere to call for help.

Brody climbed the mast; from there he could see the endless ocean roaring with all its might. He could see the waves rise and fall at a distance; the sea’s heartbeat. But most of all, from where he was, he could jump into the cold hungry waters below.

When his body first hit the water, Brody went into shock. The coldness of the sea and the lack of air assaulted his senses. For several minutes Brody fought with his body for control; his arms and legs flailing in all directions.

It wasn’t long till Brody’s body went limp; all of its energy had been used. Brody smiled as his arms grew numb; his legs had gone long ago. It wasn’t until he disappeared beneath the waves that Brody knew why he was smiling; it was calm.

It was finally calm.


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