I tend to give in too easily

Too afraid to cut loose

I compromise my ambitions

Cause I’m scared of losing you


But you don’t seem to appreciate my desire

You think that you’re the best

And this burning longs like a fire

Deep inside my chest


But I know you don’t need me

I know you don’t care

So now that I’m leaving

You can breathe some fresh air


Tend to the flowers while I’m gone

Don’t forget about them

The daffodils love the sun

Just like I loved you then


Tend to the house if you can

I don’t know if I’ll return

I’ll be a different man

Who is traveled and learned


Tend to yourself the most

Cause I won’t be there

I thought we were lovers, almost

But we weren’t very near


Tend to yourself again

Because I might not do so anymore



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