What Is Life – Peace

What is life

I ask myself as I feel a warmth from within

A peace from above

A gentleness that closes in

Am I alive

Another question I ask

Why am I so free

Why is there nothing holding me back

What is the purpose of life

What is it’s aim

Is to inspire

To be inspired all the same

As the peace envelopes me

Like a warm hug

I feel at ease

I feel loved

I watch the wind blow

Watch the waters and waves

Watch the darkness fade out

As night turns into day

As I try to swim, to stay afloat

Drowning in a sea of gold

A feeling of pure bliss

A pleasure to know

I love and I live

And then I love some more

I live and I laugh

A sound that I adore

What is life I ask

And why does it warm me so?


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