Do You Remember

Do you remember?

Who we used to be,

What you were to me,

Where we used to dream?

Do you remember?

The adventures that we had,

The good times and the bad,

The happy times and the sad?

But I guess you don’t.

Those dreams we shared were nothing but fleeting,

But here I am still sleeping; still dreaming,

While you are with that person you’re seeing.

I guess you don’t remember.

Do you remember?

The times we had; those memories,

The dreamy sky; that deep blue sea,

Or was it all but a fantasy?

Do you remember?

That you were my saving light,

In the storm that was my life,

Shining through the night?

But I guess you won’t.

Maybe I was the only one who was happy,

Maybe I couldn’t see that you were drifting

Drifting away from me.

I guess you won’t remember.


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