Everybody Fears Something

Everybody fears something It's what makes us alive DOn't say you know nothing Don't say it to me   Cause life isn't worth living If we don't struggle, if we don't fail Cause what we are giving Is the fruit of our prevail   So yes everybody fears something What it is I don't know …


Don’t Tell Me My Failures

Don't tell me my failures Cause I know them well Don't tell me my mistakes What I've been through, no one can tell   You are not my saviour Can't pull me out of this mess Let me show you my heartache Hear my sins and let me confess   Don't tell me I'm a …


The day has no yet gone The night is still far away So please just stay a while Just laugh and dance with me   Come and join in song And dance till the hour's late Laugh and sing and smile I'll show you how happy you'll be