Fear (Alone)

Some people fear failure

Afraid of losing out

SOme fear themselves

Full of worries and full of doubt


Others fear the world

So dark and so vile

Yet people still fear the truth

Spreading lies behind a smile


I’m afraid of the quiet

So eerie and so haunting

I stare into the abyss

And see it taunting


So I fear the silent nights

When nothings stirs outside

And I fear the quiet nights

When the world turns black and white


I’m afraid of the loneliness

I’m afraid of the quietness

I’m afraid of being by myself

When there’s no one else


So I run wherever people go

To a place that In do’t know

I run towards the crowd

Afraid of being left out


I speak out and I sing a song

Tell jokes and laugh along

But the quiet still reaches me

Held back but still waiting


Now I can finally sleep at night

Not disturbed by the quiet outside

I am truly content

But this too shall end


People leave and they fly away

To places I can’t go

So I begin to rot away

And turn to bones


The quiet is back again

And the silence begins

I get down and start to pray

Forgiveness for my sins


I’m all alone again

A skeleton of who I could bee

No one feels my pain

They just laugh at me


So I fear the quiet

And the loneliness it brings

I fear the silence

And that fear takes hold of me


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