Human Instinct: Fear

Its human instinct to fear Its our nature to reason Its in us to be afraid But that don't apply to me   Its human instinct to fear No matter the time or the season Its our nature to be afraid But that don't apply to me   Fear is just the absence of faith …


Valentine’s Day

So guys, I'm sorry for not posting anything yesterday but I was cuddling up in my room avoiding the love outside so please forgive me. The Icognito Writer

Tribute: Ed Sheeran

This week I've been listening to Ed Sheehan a lot and wanted to share with you some of my favourite songs. Monday : Lego House Tuesday: Drunk Wednesday: Photograph Thursday: Thinking Out Loud Friday: You Need Me, I Don't Need You Saturday: This City Sunday: Little Bump

Mix It Up

I love songs but sometimes the remix is better than the original, so here are my remixes of the week. Monday: Cooler Than Me (Break Bomb Dubstep Remix) by Mike Posner Tuesday: Drunk (Rudimental Remix) by Ed Sheeran Wednesday: Human Contact (Speaker Of The House Remix) by Cathy Shaw Thursday: Kung Fu Fighting (CS Remix) …