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My Daily Life: The Festive Mood

I walk down the streets; its filled with glimmering lights

The Christmas decorations are still up, they’ll probably be there till New Years

In all truth, the beauty of the place is such a sight

But I would rather be anywhere else but here

The street is bustling with people; friends and families

They are all with smiling faces

But that smile is difficult for me

I don’t like crowded places

Sure I enjoy the festive season with all its blitz and glamour

The amazing and stunning decorations

But the songs and bells seem like constant yammer

The constant streams of people test my patience

So call me grumpy, call me moody

I’ll be at home nursing a hot cocoa

And while I might be bit broody

I’m certainly not loco

So smile, laugh, have fun

But at home is were I’ll stay

Watching television and hiding from the sun

I’ll enjoy the festive season my own way

The Icognito Writer

In response to Festive by The Daily Post

My Daily Life: Aspirations

You know those people that work tireless towards their goal; the ones that overcome tons of obstacles and difficulties just so they can get their dream job / wife / house e.t.c. Well I honestly would prefer to sit down at home and do nothing but that’s now how dreams are made. They are made of sweat, tears, and reducing your expectations: significantly.


Photo Credits: Owlturd Comix

My Daily Life: How To English

The English language certainly confuses me some times, actually make that a lot of times. There are so many things that don’t make sense:

  • Why do we park in the driveway and drive in the parkway?
  • Why do we bake cookies and cook bacon?
  • How do you set the standard in limbo by raising the bar?
  • If I have a sign saying “This And That” it is perfectly logical for me to tell the architects that I want a space between This and And and And and That.
  • Lead and read rhyme, lead and read also rhyme but lead and read don’t rhyme (to lead, lead the material, to read, read as in past tense)
  • You can wind the sail but you can’t wind the sail (wind as in air, wind is to coil)
  • Boxing rings are typically square
  • French fries, are in fact, not french
  • A vegetarian eats vegetables but a humanitarian doesn’t eat humans
  • Noses run but feet smell
  • You can really hand it to someone even if you don’t have any arms
  • Of course you play at a recital and recite at a play
  • Flammable and inflammable mean the same thing, so do the fat chance and slim chance. Yet a wise guy and a wise man are total opposites

You see, it drives me crazy

My Daily Life: Burning

As most of you probably know today is the Summer Solstice and here in Australia that means hell, like literal (not really) burning hell. 42 degrees celsius; I’m pretty sure you could cook eggs on the street at that temperature. They may not be done well but they would still be cooked.

And of course I couldn’t spend the day locked in the house cause I was dragged around shopping; not fun. So now I’m back and I’m still melting. I might end up as a puddle by the end of today. Anyways how was your Summer Solstice?

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My Daily Life: Fashion Models

My Little sister was watching America’s next top model and it got me thinking. Who started the concept of modeling in the first place? I’m sure it went something like this:

“Hey you there.”


“I think I can make you an offer you can’t refuse.”

“And what’s that?”

“Well I work for a fashion design company and usually people pay us to wear our clothes but for you we’ll let you wear it for free and even pay you to let us take pictures of you.”

“That sounds great but you do know I’m impossibly thin right. Who would want to buy it?”

“Dont sweat the small stuff. We have worked a deal with the fashion magazines saying that you are among the pinnacle of beauty. Those who read it would be forced to feel inferior. Then the make up and fitness industries, which we have also conspired with, will create lots of products that help people achieve what is now the ideal figure. Attacking from two sides: fear in magazines and advertisements and praise in fitness and makeup.”

“But what about the other people who are normal shape and comfortable with their figure?”

“We’ll hire models who are perfectly healthy and call them Plus Size thereby increasing insecurities.”

“You know what? Im in!”

My Daily Life: Buzz Buzz

It’s summer here where I live so that means its fly season again; the most annoying season. Sure I spent most of my days shut in my house like some kind of modern caveman with only the computer screen as my source of light. However, there are occasions, rare as they may be that I have to move outside and that is where the torment begins.

I never understood why a fly would annoy someone, be driven away, and then come back to annoy them again within the space of a few seconds. Today I had an epiphany; just like how dog years are different from human years, maybe fly years are different from humans years. So I went and did the math:

Flies live an average of 28 days (not 24 hours) which when compared to the global life expectancy of 71 years (human years) comes out to have a ratio of about 926.2. That means for every second a fly experiences, it’s the equivalent to 926.2 seconds of 15.4 minutes. That means that when a fly buzzes around your face, a feat that can take from 3 to 15 seconds depending on the size of your head, they are actually taking 45 to 225 minutes.

Still, I would expect that if I was a fly, I would stay away from a giant moving monolith who almost killed me but I guess I’m not smart enough to be a fly.