Flowers by The Road

Flowers by the road Oh how beautiful they grow Wondering and dancing in the cold Flowers by the road Oh how lovely it is to know That they would be there when I'm grey and old The Icognito Writer


Introduction – The Ritual And The Mirror

The pain was unexpectedly dull even as the knife cut through my skin. The priest stopped right above my wrist: the blade had made its way from the tips of my fingers to the confines of my palm. Seemingly satisfied with his work, the priest backed away as I resisted the urge to scratch. He began chanting words in a language I didn't understand; it was old tongue.

The Rascal

Dominik Artsk was bored; the lecture felt like it was going on for ages. It was Scholar Alana's History class and they were learning about the History of Drai, as they had been doing for the past four weeks. Dominik didn't understand why they needed to know where Drai came from; they just needed to …

The Rascal

Hey guys, Just letting you know that the next part of The Land That Never Was will be posted at 3 am EST (4 pm my time) tomorrow. Here's a little sneak peek: ...Dominik Artsk was bored; the lecture felt like it was going on for ages. It was Scholar Alana's History class and they …

White Walls

It had taken him seven sundowns to get to Yorbal; Ishlan’s Capital. It should have taken them only four but the weather was bad and they often had to stop for shelter. Never-mind the bad roads which wound up and down like the tracks of an elder-lizard. Nevertheless they had managed to arrive at Fort Antex by noon of the eighth day...

The Land That Never Was – Book 1 (Ink’D) – Introduction

“So this thing, it's real right? It’s not just another unexplained phenomenon that’ll be proven tomorrow?” asked a gritty voice. “Yes, like the many times you’ve asked before, its real” retorted a voice in the front. “Are you sure? You know that people didn’t believe in like gravity before, right? Until Einstein or Rutherford came …

Full Posts

So I decided that in order to cut down, the size of my blog (I find it tedious to scroll through) I would only post excerpts of my books on this website, and have another one full of the full version (sea what I did there [I'm hilarious] ). The website is Icognito Writer and it …

Blunted Apathy

I sat on my seat in class, staring out through the window. Normally, one would look at the rain drops falling from the grey sky, or the landscape or maybe even day dream but I was different. I just stared outside the window, looking at everything, seeing nothing. At least until Mr. Rudberg, very rudely, disrupted my session.