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Everybody is born with the ability to use magic, some not as much as others. When a child reaches fifteen years of age he undergoes the Ritual; a rite where each magician is gifted with a Grimoire. Grimoires are magical books that contain spells, spirits and weapons unique to the owner and can store other magical artefacts that the owner possesses. Naulius Parlic was gifted one of the most powerful grimoires, Replica’s Codex, a lower saint class grimoire. The questions is, at what cost?

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Introduction – The Ritual And The Mirror

The pain was unexpectedly dull even as the knife cut through my skin. The priest stopped right above my wrist: the blade had made its way from the tips of my fingers to the confines of my palm. Seemingly satisfied with his work, the priest backed away as I resisted the urge to scratch. He began chanting words in a language I didn’t understand; it was old tongue.