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Pieces of literature that I wrote when I was inspired.


I’ve had this ability for as long as I can remember. Jason calls it the elevation but I just call it upgrade. At first, we messed around with elevating all kinds of stuff, but it turns out that people get quite suspicious when your mini-van suddenly turns into a Ferrari. As I grew up, I realised I could do so much more than just upgrade things. I could repair them, copy them, downgrade them; I could even delete them.

Contrary to Jason, I believed it was in my best interest to keep my powers on the down low. Of course, I used them, what’s the point in having them if you didn’t? I just didn’t want to draw attention to myself; I didn’t think I can elevate my way out of jail.

But as all stories go, there was a turning point, and it came in the form of Janet Lily Sullivan. She was a decent looking lady with an alright figure. She worked in accounting, a couple of desks from my little office in HR. We first met at the company’s Christmas party; she would be my third girlfriend, and as fate would have it, my last.

We started dating quite a while after that; Jane (or Lily as she liked to be called) had such a bright personality. She made the every day seemed extraordinary; she made my life have a purpose.

It wasn’t a while later that she happened to overhear Jason talking about the elevation. She asked me and I couldn’t help but tell her the truth. After all, I thought she was different; I figured she was special.

It didn’t take long before Lily started changing. She wanted my gifts to be even more unique; according to her, I could just elevate them anytime I wanted. Soon, even the best gifts couldn’t sate her and even then she still wanted more.

It had been three weeks of her constantly begging me to upgrade her; I had told her, no, but she kept on and I finally gave way. It only took a few seconds, but it would change the rest of my life.

For the first time in a long time, she was happy; she was more beautiful, more fit, more everything that she had ever been and for a while, it was just fine. But of course, the questions came. What exercise did you do? Who does your hair? Did you get plastic surgery?

Tired of all the inquisition she finally let it slip, and that’s when it all began. Her story spiralled onto the internet; she even got appearances on shows. Meanwhile, I hadn’t gone to work in weeks; paparazzi had flooded my doors.

I managed to escape my house, living on the run. All this time she was becoming even more and more famous. It took me three weeks to track her down, and I did something I had never done before: I downgraded her.

So that’s my story, now I’m here under this bridge. Police have been looking for me for a while now; apparently what I did was illegal. Maybe I should just end it; maybe it was never a good idea in the first place. The only person that would miss me if I died was probably Jason, the only person who still cared. But I’m sure that he would live a much better life if I weren’t around. And so I reached for the top of my head, just under downgrade and I pressed…


In response to Everything has a small arrow and the word “upgrade” over it. Press it and you can upgrade the item into a better verison. You’ve used the abikity sparingly, new phones, better cars, however today you made the ultimate mistake. You pressed the button over a person from Writing Prompts.



Anchored and bounded

Like a soldier surrounded

There is no escape

There is no hope


Anchored and bounded

Like a submarine that’s grounded

The pain takes shape

And I’m letting go

But with you here I feel

Something lovely; its surreal

With you here I wonder

With you here I smile


And with you here I feel

Emotions so real

Im unmoored forever

And I’ll be with you all the while

The Icognito Writer: Unmoored

Given Up

I’ve given up

I’m falling down

No more waiting, no idling now

I’ve given up

The time is past

I think this breath is my last

I’ve given up

My time is gone

You don’t have to play along

I’ve given up

Descended into despair

This is one wound time wont repair

I’ve given up

But I’ll miss your smile

I’ll only be gone a little while

The Icognito Writer: Descend


She was a prankster

She played those tricks

But beneath it all

She was a kid

She was a prankster

She played those tricks

But beneath it all

She was a kid

She lost her dad

Her mom wasn’t there

So she played around

So she wouldn’t disappear

They hated her guts

They hated her smile

If the only took the time

To talk to her for a while

Sure she was notorious

Sure she was infamous

But beneath it all

She didn’t want to be anonymous

She’d rather be hated

Rather be scorned

That be nothing at all

And be ignored

The Icognito Writer: Notorious

Human Instinct: Fear

Its human instinct to fear

Its our nature to reason

Its in us to be afraid

But that don’t apply to me


Its human instinct to fear

No matter the time or the season

Its our nature to be afraid

But that don’t apply to me


Fear is just the absence of faith

Fear is the lack of bravery

Fear is nothing but shame

And fear should be afraid of me


To be brave is our fate

To be weak is unsavoury

The weak have no one to blame

And fear should be afraid of me

The Icognito Writer: Instinct

Exposed Now

City nights and street lights They are all laid bare Glimmering sights and pub fights
Its all in the air
Exposed now
They are exposed now
From the air to the ground
They are exposed now
Walking by with head held high
I know where I have been
Even the sky is under my watchful eye

City nights and street lights

They are all laid bare

Glimmering sights and pub fights

Its all in the air

Exposed now

They are exposed now

From the air to the ground

They are exposed now

Walking by with head held high

I know where I have been

Even the sky is under my watchful eye

I know what I have seen

Exposed now

They are exposed now

From the air to the ground

They are exposed now

They are exposed now

The Icognito Writer:

Treehouse Memories

I climb into the abandoned treehouse; splinters of wood lay scattered across the backyard. It had been a long time since James had been back home, longer since he had even touched the treehouse. Back then the ladder was such a hassle to climb, he had to stretch his scrawny limbs as far as they could go. Now he climbed the ropes with ease, he had grown into his own after all. As James lay in the rundown wooden enclosure, he remembered all the good times they had. Julian and Jeffrey had insisted on calling themselves the Three J’s after the three musketeers. When Jack came along it became the JJJ and J club. Of course, no girls were allowed except from when there were snacks. Looking back on his old hideout James smiled. His parents were moving and he would most likely never be back there again but the memories, they would never leave him.

The Icognito Writer: Hideout

Laughter, Pleasure And Joy

Immerse yourself in the moment

Set your soul free

Life is meant for enjoyment

So enjoy it with all your being

Fill yourself with laughter

Fill yourself with joy

You can worry after

But for now, just smile and enjoy

Drown yourself in pleasure

Fill your smile to the brim

Have a laugh for good measure

Don’t ever be too grim

Immerse yourself in the moment

You never now how long may last

Even if its a tiny bit of enjoyment

Enjoy it and forget the past

The Icognito Writer: Immerse

Dance, Swing and Sway

Slowly the record plays

What song I don’t recall

Its soft though, that I remember

Like the sound of leaves in the fall

Gently I pull you close

We dance and swing and sway

The music plays on and on

As we dance the night away

The record is still playing

As the stars come out in the sky

But I don’t care about anything

As long as you’re by my side

Daytime fades inter darkness

Light fades into night

But where we are still warm

You are my saving plight

The record is finally over

The song is finally done

Our dance this night was amazing

I can’t wait for out next one

The Icognito Writer: Record

Holding You, Holding Me

Vivid memories rest in my mind

Watching the sunset as time flies by

Vivid memories are all that I see

Holding you, holding me

Pictures of the past are on display

The summer rain, the springs of May

Pictures of the past set me free

Holding you, holding me

I recall the days long gone

They passed away like a forgotten song

I recall how you used to sing

Holding you, holding me

The Icognito Writer: Vivid

Hold You Close

I want to hold you close

Feel the freckles on your skin

Stare at beautiful grin

Those teeth in beautiful white rows

I long to be next to you

To hear that laugh once more

The laugh that helps me soar

When I feel blue

I desire to hold you close

Never wanted to let you go

But heartache is all I know

Heartache and sorrow

The Icognito Writer: Desire

Why Do I Wait?

Why do I hesitate

Why do I wait

Why do I not reach for what I want

Why am I lax

Yet why can’t I relax

What is it that I want

I want that garden

That is green and pink

Shining with its unique radiance

Such a brilliant garden

Is what I would think

Would make me sing and dance

Why do I hesitate

Why do I wait

Why do I not reach for what I want

The Icognito Writer: In response to Hesitate

Like Smoke


Like smoke rises

And fills the air

A beautiful fragrance gone

It’s rich aura lost

Replaced by a frightening fear

A fear of that which is lost

A fear of what is happening

A fear of what is to come

And if we give in to that fear

We become like the wind

And we are gone

For worrying has never brought comfort

It has never brought peace

It has never brought tranquility

But why do we worry

Why do we doubt

Because we are not divinity

We are like smoke

We rise and we fall

We live and pass

Like the fragile creatures we are

We know no steadiness

For nothing ever truly lasts

Like smoke

The Icognito Writer: In response to Doubt

These Feelings

These feelings

That I tried to hold back

They are coming

They are on the attack


And surging like the storm

They are powerful

But I wish they were gone

These feelings

I have tried to let go

Where to?

I really don’t know


Yes they truly are

They’re written

In my heart’s memoir

The Icognito Writer: In response to Overwhelming by The Daily Post