A Sailor And His Ship

Brody decided to become a sailor at a very young age; he decided it when he was 5. After watching countless videos of Popeye and Sinbad, Brody thought that the coolest people were sailors; take that superman. But Brody quickly realised how stupid that decision was; it was the worst decision of his life. The life …


Stand By Me

Where are you going Waht calls you there Why do you leave me Who do you fear   For I don't want you to go No, I'd rather you didn't leave I need you by my side So stand by me

The Campfire

  The rain falls gently on the rooftop The wind blows softly as the temperature drops The earth is chilly in this moment The campfire burns in wary atonement The Icognito Writer

Your Shadow

You can't run away from your darkness There is no escape from your shadow Make sure you don't stray from the oath Cause if you dont stay, you'll never know   You wont know the secrets of the forests You wont know the weakness of your foe You wont know the genius of the moon …