Don’t Tell Me…

Don't tell me your sins Cause I have heard them before Don't tell me its too late There's always room for more   Don't tell me to leave You don't want me to go Don't tell me you're afraid Cause you're no longer alone   Don't tell me that it hurts Cause pain is only …



Sunshine Where have you gone my sunshine? I just want to make you mine So won't you come with me sunshine   Oh Sunshine The sun is up and its daytime The city's lovely around this time So won't you go out sunshine   Sunshine Let's explore our arms wide You know you're always in …

Everything’s Gone

What words can I say? To tell you I'm not fine To say that it's not okay That there's nothing left inside   What words do I speak? To say that I am lost To say that I am weak That everything's gone   And everything's gone

Stand By Me

Where are you going Waht calls you there Why do you leave me Who do you fear   For I don't want you to go No, I'd rather you didn't leave I need you by my side So stand by me

The Campfire

  The rain falls gently on the rooftop The wind blows softly as the temperature drops The earth is chilly in this moment The campfire burns in wary atonement The Icognito Writer