The day has no yet gone The night is still far away So please just stay a while Just laugh and dance with me   Come and join in song And dance till the hour's late Laugh and sing and smile I'll show you how happy you'll be  



Leaves fall Like dead birds As they touch the snow   Cold nights Are filled with Living bodies and dead souls   Fires burn In the street But no warmth can be seen   People talk About lost things Butt their words are empty   Leaves fall Like tamed birds Who have lost their wings …

Everything’s Gone

What words can I say? To tell you I'm not fine To say that it's not okay That there's nothing left inside   What words do I speak? To say that I am lost To say that I am weak That everything's gone   And everything's gone

The Top

Some say its lonely at the top When you have reached the summit That there's no one around To share it with   I say its cozy at the top With a gentle breeze You view goes on for miles Past the mountain and the seas   The world becomes your playground The sky becomes …