A Glimpse of Darkness

My writingsshimmer,

In the screaming dark,

So honestly true,

Like a burning spark.

Stab me babe,

and watch me bleed,

With all that hate,

Gore and greed.

Hear me scream,

In the burning rain,

Ditch me in the oceans

Of blood and pain.

Rip me apart,

Curse my soul,

I don’t need a heart,

To love you a whole.

Let me die inside,

Crushed and cold,

And love you more,

Than eternity shall hold.

Hurt me, sugar.

Let the voices haunt.

Crush me to dust,

All you want.

People will come,

Wishing me well,

To give me life,

And throw me in hell.

Ignore the voices,

They have no clue.

I’ll burn down the sky,

If they stop you.

Normal is boring,

Lavished with sadness,

Let me love you,

With my all mymadness.

I’m friends with the whispers,

That haunt my head,

They make me love…

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Castle On The Hill

When I was six years old I broke my leg I was running from my brother and his friends And tasted the sweet perfume of the mountain grass I rolled down I was younger then, take me back to when I Found my heart and broke it here Made friends and lost them through the …

Old Nights

Many nights before Darkness knocked at the old door To claim one more corpse Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016 via Old Nights — emotionsoflife2016


Will you end my pain? Will you take my life? Will you bleed me out? Will you hang me out to dry? Will you take my soul in the midnight rain? While I'm falling apart While I'm going Will you end my pain? Will you take my life? Will you bleed me out? Will you …

All Stars

Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb In the shape of an "L" on her forehead Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming Fed to the rules and I …


When you need to pass and interview: just moo.

The Icognito Writer: Moo by Flash 365


Beijing is a beehive in a dirt storm.

I follow my recruiter into the officetel. She calls herself Jennifer. I don’t know her real name. She wears classes. Her English is poor.

“You will interview.”


“This is good company.”


In the elevator, she stares at her phone. She turns it to me.

“Who is this?”

I look at the picture. It is her, in a hat.

“You?” I say.

She makes a pouty face. She puts her phone away. She doesn’t speak to me until we arrive at the door.


I wait. She goes in. I look out the window at a wall of gray smog and question my life choices. The door opens. I am led in. Jennifer leaves.

A Chinese man sits smoking a cigarette. A Nepalese man smiles at me. He holds out his hand.

“You are American?”

I nod.

“Have you been a…

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You Are No Mistake

Inspirational and touching: a beautiful message brought from the sorrows and pains of existence; you are no mistake!

Today's Tomorrow

Good What’s the earth population today? Over 6 or 7 billion people, right? Now that’s very impressive, and also very intimidating.

Now, have you ever sat down and wondered if your existence is of any importance or relevance to the human race, or have you wondered if are you just a pile of dust, floating about with the wind of uncertainty, accepting whatever comes and whatever life gives? Have you wondered if there are souls out there, somewhere appreciating life for having you? Or are you just another face to walk this brown earth and probably on a countdown to the day you will bid farewell?

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The M in the Mirror

A beautiful piece of writing; interesting, nonsensical and extremely funny


My boots are old now. They are still tight. They are good boots.

I wince, but get my other foot in. I hear voices from M’s room. There are no strange boots in the hall so, I walk over and peak in.

“Drink a glass of water before the bottle of wine and it will cancel out any negative side effects.”

It is M’s voice, but not his tone. I take a step deeper into the room.

“What about cigarettes?”  M’s voice again. But, this time it sounds like M.

I check around the corner. M is standing in front of the mirror. The M in the mirror begins talking.

“Exhale out your nose and it won’t ever reach your lungs.”

I clear my throat. M turns around.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“Consulting my doctor.” He moves to the left and motions to the mirror. The M in…

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King And Cross

Glistening nighttime dew, and she is walking with me From the house of red, I hear a child crying Foxes heading home, their prey hangs from their jaws And the forest knows, but it won’t share the secret When the king takes sides Leaving moral minds; soldiers take their share Nighthawks seem to sense that …

Talk Talk

Touch of your skin, blurring my vision, Seeing the same film again. Closer you pull me under the table Sign of how this might end. But if you don’t want to hold me, Maybe I could change your mind ‘Cause I’m waiting, hesitating. And there’s not a waste to leave you But I only ask …

I See Fire

Oh, misty eye of the mountain below Keep careful watch of my brothers' souls And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke Keep watching over Durin's son If this is to end in fire Then we should all burn together Watch the flames climb high into the night Calling out father, stand by …

Sprinkles of darkness.

Another great post by chaos-xd; truly magnificent.

A Glimpse of Darkness

​The serene smell of paradise filled the air as the sunlight kissed clouds happily spread rainbows through the sparking voids. Distant giggles of the young fairies playing hide and seek amongst the misty fog echoed the skies, spreading sprinkles of joy. Slender figures glided through the air fluttering their benign wings as thecalmclouds made way following themaround, leaving fragrant trails of sparkles radiating in the mid air.

I watched them from a distance, laying lazily on a tender cloud, cursing the glare that hurt my eyes. Feeling week and grumpy, I brushed away the tender dew drops that sprinkled upon my golden skin. I scoffed at the occasional breeze that tickled my face. I couldn’t help feeling disgusted about my ungrateful self.

My eyes stretching all the way down gasping for curiosity of the forbidden lands.

Fighting the guilt, I walked towards the forbidden territory that guarded the…

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Truly horrowing

A Glimpse of Darkness

​The clock kept ticking, making my impatient heart leap in joy.

It was time to feed my baby and put him to sleep. As always, I clutched the loose thread from the cradle as I relaxed,humming the forbidden hymn that spoke of rainbows and dreams, a life full of possibilities.

“Did the firecrackers scare you sweetheart?”

I hugged my baby tighter still humming the hymn with tears in my eyes.

“I promise there wont be any more firecrackers; sleep sweet child,” I said hugging my dead son.

© chaos-xd 2016

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She got me loving in the morning Got me singing in the pouring rain Got me wrapped around her finger I'm perfect in the palm of your hand Message couldn't be much clearer Like a metaphor of make-believe But somebody wouldn't pinch me That would be the end of this dream Well pardon my manners …