Introduction – The Ritual And The Mirror

The pain was unexpectedly dull even as the knife cut through my skin. The priest stopped right above my wrist: the blade had made its way from the tips of my fingers to the confines of my palm. Seemingly satisfied with his work, the priest backed away as I resisted the urge to scratch. He began chanting words in a language I didn't understand; it was old tongue.


Chapter 3: The Ceremony

The room was quiet; eerily so. Just moments before it was abuzz with the sounds of delegates conversing. Karr Joon and the other two elders of Ishlan had been defending the actions of Ishlan's council for the better part of the day. They had faced the boards of Zanox and Angsk who wanted to improve Ishlan's relations with its neighbouring nations. Astrok had been busy regarding some political dealings in Virav since the start of the week, so they were excused. However, the lack of one council did not seem to reduce a number of words being spewed forth in the council room. Karr was wondering if he would be able to hear again after the day's events when a messenger was let in.

Guess Who’s Back?

Hey guys its me again, Sorry for not posting within the last two months but who knew engineering would be tough (*definitely not this guy*). I'm back (hopefully) and will update a schedule for posting times.


Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know that I've uploaded The Land That Never Was to Wattpad and will be updating as I continue writing. Cheers, The Icognito Writer


150 people; thats how many people say that they like my blog. It may not seem that much; maybe the amount of people in a square metre on Black Friday. However it means a lot to me that there are 150 that appreciate my work.  Thank you all so much, The Icognito Writer

The Rascal

Hey guys, Just letting you know that the next part of The Land That Never Was will be posted at 3 am EST (4 pm my time) tomorrow. Here's a little sneak peek: ...Dominik Artsk was bored; the lecture felt like it was going on for ages. It was Scholar Alana's History class and they …

#MeWorlde Today, I am filled…

#MeWorlde Today, I am filled with mixed emotions. Excitement: At the fact that I'm almost done with my exams Rage: At those who have finished before me Fear: Of the unknown Worry: About my grades But for now the strongest is excitement, let's keep it at that.

Dear Guys

Thanks everyone for following me and supporting me, I'm so grateful. The 'The Land That Never Was' book series (not completed) is available here. Everytime I finish a chapter I'll post to inform you. Also the Percy versus Sherlock is available here. Same thing goes with this one, I'll post every time content is uploaded. …

Finally I Have Done It

Okay guys, after weeks and months of promising to write the online series, The Land That Never Was, I have finally done it. I have divided it into about five chapters (for now), Ink, Burn, Freeze, Shatter and Forge respectively. The first chapter of Ink is not completed but still available - Charlie. I'll try and …