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Blogging 101: Introduce Yourself

The question then was, what should he write. So he started dabbling and found out some things about himself. He hated plays: the constant stage directions made is imagination grow still; the playwright had to imagine everything for his audience leaving little to his audience's imagination. It was then he discovered his love for poems and novel writing. Prose and poetry held him captive. He would read a poem today and tomorrow it would have a different meaning. The novel would draw him into the author's world but with enough room for him to call it his own. So he started writing and writing and drawing and writing (Hey! Why couldn't he draw?)

The Goodbye Note

It’s amazing

The Purple Suitcase Diary

When I was a little girl,
My mother used to say,
“Do kind things for other people,
And goodness will come your way.”

When I was just a toddler,
My daddy always said,
“Stay in school and get good grades,
Use that pretty head.”

When I entered primary school,
My granny once told me,
“Share your pencils,
And popular you will be.”

When I started secondary school,
My brother told me this,
“Stay away from all the boys,
Don’t ever give a kiss.”

When I got to university,
My sister screamed,
“Never have a sip of alcohol,
It’s not as fun as it seems.”

Momma, daddy, granny,
And my siblings too,
I never broke any rule,
I did what I needed to.

I was kind,
I shared,
I stayed in school,
I kept away from boys,
I never drank one tiny bit.
I carried myself with poise.

Even though I…

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It’s Been A While

Sorry guys, been busy but I managed to write a new poem based on Wilfred Owen's Poem 'Dulce et Decorum est': http://inkdpoetry.wordpress.com/2014/12/22/a-soliliquy-on-war/


Guys sorry for the long break, Had a lot of classes this semester and finally got a relief, I'll be back to posting form soon. The Icognito Writer.

How Did The Moon Really Form?

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Gotten from ScienceQ Publishing Group

Planetary scientists have long believed that our moon formed following a collision between Earth and another planet, but studies of Earth and moon rocks suggest otherwise. A new analysis of the composition of moon rocks brought back by Apollo astronauts may help finally resolve the mystery.

Here’s the current thinking about how the moon formed. Early in its history, Earth was struck a glancing blow by a Mars-sized planet. That planet was destroyed by the impact, but much of its debris—and some of Earth’s—formed into a disk around Earth that eventually coalesced into the moon. Much evidence supports this scenario. The moon would have ended up hot, boiling off light elements and water, leaving the arid rocky moon we see today; the moon has a small core, consistent with being made from parts of the colliding planet and outer parts of Earth; the Earth-moon system…

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So I decided that in order to cut down, the size of my blog (I find it tedious to scroll through) I would only post excerpts of my books on this website, and have another one full of the full version (sea what I did there [I'm hilarious] ). The website is Icognito Writer and it …

What Happened To The Graphics

Hey guys,If you have come to my website recently you would know that the themes, graphics and basically the outlook of my website as been changing. Sorry if you found this confusing, I was just trying to make my website better.