Nick and Clarissa

Clarissa had tried to stay awake; she really had. But between the soft snow falling outside, the gentle music playing from the radio and the comfy fire right next to her, she was fighting a losing battle. It was just after 10 when Clarissa finally lost that battle; her eyes fell shut as she went …


A White Christmas

It's hot out, even though its the middle of December, Most people would be happy about the warm weather, But not Chris, he wished the Sun would disappear all together, So that once in his life, he might enjoy a white Christmas. He was by the beach again, the sun was giving off heat, His …

And So It Falls

And So It Falls Gentle, like a calm wind Swaying in the air Invisible but everywhere And So It Falls Raging, like a waterfall Powerful and mighty Strong and frightening And So It Falls Raging but gentle Swaying but powerful Strong but invisible Its the snow