Guess Who’s Back?

Hey guys its me again, Sorry for not posting within the last two months but who knew engineering would be tough (*definitely not this guy*). I'm back (hopefully) and will update a schedule for posting times.



Immerse yourself in the air Let it guide your wings here Immerse yourself in the earth Feel it give birth Immerse yourself in the fire Rid of worldly desires Immerse yourself in the waters My sons and my daughters Immerse yourself in the thunder Grab and hold one another Immerse yourself in the quake Feel …

Lucky Penny

Its the luck of the draw The lucky penny Don't gamble, don't call Save your money if you have any Its a lucky world we're in Freedom and what not So care your luck to yourself Don't tell me you forgot <a href="">Luck</a>


Do not fear For the mountain fears you too Do not be afraid Cause it is scary of you Control your instincts And they will lead you home Remember my son You are never alone Instinct

Lest I Forget

I long to hear your voice But you are no loner here Not by will nor by choice But cause you have disappeared So I play my record on Until the sun sets And I try to sing along Lest I forget Record

I Love You

I'm nervous, I'm afraid I am wary of the midnight rain I'm scared and I 'm terrified I hope I can survive this night This pounding in my chest, this heartache I hope that it won't fail, won't lead to heartbreak But I must tell, must tell you the truth One simple fact; I love …

Pattern To Your Heart

Is there a pattern to your heart A guide to your soul What can set me apart Could you let me know Is there a reason to this rhyme A player to this game What is it this time Or is it always the same Pattern

We Shall Dance

There is a subtle difference in life Of being loved and to love It is a difference of strife A plague from above Such a tiny nuance Such a grave mistake But here in this time, we shall dance And dance the night away The Icognito Writer: Nuance