Live A Life That’s Full

Live a life that's full That's all I can say to you Live on without regrets And your life will be its best   Worry not if you fail For you can make amends GO where you blaze a trail Full of risk and full of bends   Live a life that's worth That's all …



The day has no yet gone The night is still far away So please just stay a while Just laugh and dance with me   Come and join in song And dance till the hour's late Laugh and sing and smile I'll show you how happy you'll be  

Set Free

Set free, what should be free Cause everyone has their own needs Let go, for the worries and cares I show you to face your fears Set free, you're set free You can take whatever you see No smog, no more debris Grow wild like a forest tree Set free, you're now with me You have …

You Are No Mistake

Inspirational and touching: a beautiful message brought from the sorrows and pains of existence; you are no mistake!

Today's Tomorrow

Good What’s the earth population today? Over 6 or 7 billion people, right? Now that’s very impressive, and also very intimidating.

Now, have you ever sat down and wondered if your existence is of any importance or relevance to the human race, or have you wondered if are you just a pile of dust, floating about with the wind of uncertainty, accepting whatever comes and whatever life gives? Have you wondered if there are souls out there, somewhere appreciating life for having you? Or are you just another face to walk this brown earth and probably on a countdown to the day you will bid farewell?

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The Song

Gently it flew, carried by the wind. It was strong yet soft, powerful yet calm. It was the wind itself, it was the earth, the air, everything. And when it finally reached my ears, I heard it. Heard it truly. The melodious sound. And I, for the first time in a long while, truly sang.

The Dance

It was cold, but no colder than yesterday. The leaves whistled on their branches as the wind blew. Softly. Gently. Coldly. I watched the last of the shops close for the day. I watched the owners walk home. Their two legs bristly moving in the dark. Afraid of the cold, afraid of the dark, afraid of …

The Walk

I started walking, I didn't care where I was going, where I had been, i just started walking. I didn't notice my surroundings; my ears were filled with sound. I was hearing headphones, not the cool ones but the worn out ones. The ones that had terrible sound quality but you still wore even though …