When you need to pass and interview: just moo.

The Icognito Writer: Moo by Flash 365


Beijing is a beehive in a dirt storm.

I follow my recruiter into the officetel. She calls herself Jennifer. I don’t know her real name. She wears classes. Her English is poor.

“You will interview.”


“This is good company.”


In the elevator, she stares at her phone. She turns it to me.

“Who is this?”

I look at the picture. It is her, in a hat.

“You?” I say.

She makes a pouty face. She puts her phone away. She doesn’t speak to me until we arrive at the door.


I wait. She goes in. I look out the window at a wall of gray smog and question my life choices. The door opens. I am led in. Jennifer leaves.

A Chinese man sits smoking a cigarette. A Nepalese man smiles at me. He holds out his hand.

“You are American?”

I nod.

“Have you been a…

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Do You Remember

Another song that I wrote and turned into a poem... Do you remember? Who we used to be, What you were to me, Where we used to dream? Do you remember? The adventures that we had, The good times and the bad, The happy times and the sad? But I guess you don't. Those dreams …

The M in the Mirror

A beautiful piece of writing; interesting, nonsensical and extremely funny


My boots are old now. They are still tight. They are good boots.

I wince, but get my other foot in. I hear voices from M’s room. There are no strange boots in the hall so, I walk over and peak in.

“Drink a glass of water before the bottle of wine and it will cancel out any negative side effects.”

It is M’s voice, but not his tone. I take a step deeper into the room.

“What about cigarettes?”  M’s voice again. But, this time it sounds like M.

I check around the corner. M is standing in front of the mirror. The M in the mirror begins talking.

“Exhale out your nose and it won’t ever reach your lungs.”

I clear my throat. M turns around.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“Consulting my doctor.” He moves to the left and motions to the mirror. The M in…

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What happens when I’m alone? What happens when there is no one around me? What happens when I stand on the brink of darkness? What happens when I’m about to fall in? Alone What happens when I slip and fall? What happens when I can’t see a thing? Can’t anybody hear me at all? Am …