Guess Who’s Back?

Hey guys its me again, Sorry for not posting within the last two months but who knew engineering would be tough (*definitely not this guy*). I'm back (hopefully) and will update a schedule for posting times.


The Lady In Pink

There was a lady in pink That sat down next to me That lady in pink Was as pretty as pretty could be


I want to see you one more time To your loving face I long to see that gorgeous smile That fills up the entire space I want to see you laugh again To see you happy But every now and then I remember I set you free The Icognito Writer: A friend of mine had …

Set Free

Set free, what should be free Cause everyone has their own needs Let go, for the worries and cares I show you to face your fears Set free, you're set free You can take whatever you see No smog, no more debris Grow wild like a forest tree Set free, you're now with me You have …

As The Storm Comes

Lock the doors Close the windows But don't forget to Find some heroes   Try and make sure The house is shut The thunder's coming It's all clear-cut   You run, you can't hide It's coming for you You stay and your pray But there's nothing to do As the storm comes The Icognito Writer


Trees and leaves and everything green They're so beautiful They're so beautiful Birds roaming free; they're all I can see They're so beautiful They're so very beautiful Blue like the sky, like the birds that fly by It's so beautiful It's so beautiful Tears in my eye; raindrops at my side It's so beautiful It's …