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Way Back Then

I was younger then

Barely old enough to know the world

Take me back to when

Treehouse nights weren’t absurd

I was on the shorter side

Barely 5 foot high

But when we climbed the slides

I felt like I could touch the sky

I was ten

The world was still new to me

I was ten

I’ve never felt so free

I was ten

Horizons as far as the eye could see

Way back then

There was no one else I would rather be

Way back then

The Icognito Writer:  In response to Ten by The Daily Post


I would like to believe in something more than myself

But despair and fear has got me chained down

I would like to see the sky turn blue

But my hopes and dreams never come true

I would like to believe that I could fly

Soaring past the clouds so white

But sadness and misery are by my side

Clutching me close; I can’t hide

It’s nothing but despair

Nothing but fear

Anguish and torment

It hurts this very moment

But I still believe

The Icognito Writer

Who Are You

Who are you to tell who I am

To tell what I am

To tell me I’m not me?

Who are you, to tell me what to do?

To tell me, who are you?

To say that I’m not free?

Well you don’t know my story

You don’t know what Ive been through

And yet you say know me

Who are you?

The Icognito Writer

Chains (Monsters)

Bounded and tied

Ashamed, I hide

From the monsters outside

The monsters outside

Dismayed; without pride

I have lost what’s inside

I have wept, I have cried

Till the waters flooded my eyes

To escape, I have tried

But I’m still bounded and tied

Hiding from the monsters outside

The chains that they hide

But here I lie

With my soul opened wide

I am trying to hide

From the monster inside

The Icognito Writer

At Noon

It was a beautiful sight but Spencer couldn’t help but be angry. The sun was a hot red; glowing in the darkened sky. Rays of bright light flooded across the water; they danced along the lake. It was a tear-inducing sight but Spencer could not enjoy it. How could one enjoy such a beautiful sunset, at noon?

Do You Know How To Love?

Do you know how to love?

Do you know how it hurts?

To miss someone so much?

To long for their touch?

Do you know how to feel?

Do you know how it heals?

When they come back to your embrace?

When you see their loving face?

Do you know to love?

Do you know this gift from above?

Do you know how their smile can make your day worthwhile?

Do you know how to feel?

Feel this joy surreal?

Do you know how to say that they make your whole day?

Do you know how to love?

The Icognito Writer

The Amazing Goat Of Wall Street

Alexia, a goat that likes pizza went out for a swim on a street that was dead to mankind. using only her super-senses, she decided that she could fly and bring her friends; Spidey, Juicy, Tomothy  and Laquisha. The might five called ‘Liquids’ flew around Wall Street.

Flying at 500 cm/h they were exhausted; they decided to buy some lamborghinis to help replenish their speed. Later, after their 501 m/day journey they arranged their shoes and polished their nails.

The Icognito Writer: Before you ask, no I’m not crazy. I played a game of a word a turn with a friend a while back and this is the result. I just found it so what do you know?

Throwback Thursday: The True Knight

I’ve often heard many girls say

That they want a charming prince.

Night after night, day after day

I thought there was nothing wrong with this.

They wanted a knight in shining armor,

A man of power and fame,

A person of pure glamour,

But human all the same.

And I began to wonder

What is the knight, you see,

This knight in shining armor

Just who is he

And I began to think about my favorite things

My pens, headphones

And the shoes that I would bring

They all started out new

Fresh and neat

But that is no longer true

My favorite shoes aren’t those new ones

They are the ones that I’ve had all the memories with

They were with me even in the rain; yes those one

The ones that no longer fit

And now I hate the glamour

Cause with the charming prince has been bested

A knight in shining armor

Has never had his metal tested.

The Icognito Writer

Throwback Thursday: Once

I used to dream of a faraway land

And a palace so big and grand

That all come near

Trembled in fear

Of its great power


I used to imagine a beautiful princess

Wearing the most extravagant dress

We used to dance

And she would prance

About with my beautiful flower


My room was a dungeon

My glasses made me a surgeon

I played during night and day


The chandlier was a sun

Everything was fun

Until that faithful day


Now I sit down on my computer

Writing report after report

Wondering where everything went


Flowing through the motions

Song after song

Watching my time being spent


And I ask myself

Once, just once more

I wish I could see

Past this veil of ‘reality’

And be back to the good old me


I try and I try

But it never changed

That room still looks the same

I’m not a surgeon

Its not a dungeon

And the chandelier is out of place


I go back to sleep

And sometimes I see

Flashes of who I used to be

The good old me

With eyes full of glee

Oh, full of joy was he

He was once full of joy


The Icognito Writer

The Spotlight

Jackson dribbled past the defender, it was the last few seconds of the game and both his arms and legs felt like lead. Nevertheless Jackson pushed on; he had to do his best. Jackson dribbled around the edge of the three-pointer line; his teammates were being excellently marked. Time was ticking, the clock was running down and Jackson had to do something.

Accepting his fate Jackson went back to the three point line and took the last shot of the game. Ordinarily he would have shot from mid-range but his team was down by two and Jackson knew he didn’t have enough strength to play another minute, not to talk about a quarter.

As the ball flew through the air Jackson’s mind wandered to his past; where he had come from. The glittering stadium lights were replaced with run out bulbs dangling from the street lights, the wood of the stadium floor was now concrete; broken and worn in most places. The crowd had vanished as well; there was nothing but empty air. Nothing but empty air, Jackson and the ball flying through the air.

And into the net.

Cheers roared from the crowds and Jackson was drawn back to the present. He fell on the floor in disbelief; he had done it. He had beat all expectations, he had passed the test. He had done it. As Jackson’s teammates lifted him up and presented him to the crowd, he smiled. It hadn’t been the reason for his perseverance but it wasn’t bad. A standing ovation was never bad; after all he had worked hard for it.

He had won the game that meant the start of his career and while there would be several more life-changing games, Jackson could finally rejoice. He could give himself his own ovation.

In response to Ovation by The Daily Post

The Icognito Writer: A continuation from Late Night Practice

A Little Adventure

Thomas was on an adventure; he had enlisted the forces of Commander Green, Superman and The Hulk to aid him in his quest; the infamous Batman was being held captive by the ruthless being known as The Sister.

The Sister and her evil band of misfits, the My Little Ponies, had kidnapped Batman in the dead of the night; at 5 pm. Thomas had gone reporting the government body known as Parents but he had come out empty handed; he would have to do this on his own.

He had commissioned the help of his friends and was on his way down the dreaded hallway; he could hear the evil voices of laughter from the down the hall. Tom picked up a marble and put it in his pocket; it was ordinary marble but it was the Eye Of Sauron. Rolling over, he managed to arrive at the beast’s lair but it was too late. They had already begun the torture and Batman was covered in pink; he had tried his best.

Raiding in the liar, Tom fought in his friend’s memory. He fought for vengeance, he fought for honour but most of all he fought because Sister had taken the last pizza slice. The battle was long and tough; lasting a whole four minutes. It was only when Sister began the endless eye waterfalls that Tom knew he had been defeated truly defeated.

Mr. Alva came into the room to see it a mess; dolls and action figures thrown all across the room. In the midst of it all was his crying little girl and his disappointed little boy. Mr. Alva couldn’t help but smile. Sure Tom would get scolded and so would Jane, but they were good kids always looking for new things to discover. And there would a lot more things for them to discover, he would make sure of it.

In response to Discover by The Daily Post

The Icognito Writer

Please Listen

Please listen, there I things that I want to say

I’m important; I have a voice

But my words echo through the darkness

Hollow; just like my words

Please listen, I know that I’ll never get the time of day

But that won’t ever stop me from trying

I have a voice I say, I have a voice I insist

But all that comes out is crying

Please listen, I beg

Please listen

The Icognito Writer

I’m Not Really Here

Hail falling and thunder rumbling

But I’m oblivious to the weather

There are house boring and walls crumbling

But that’s not my problem either

What happens around me is none of my business

I really don’t care

You may be screaming, you may insist

But I’m not really here

I’m not really here

The Icognito Writer: I honestly don’t have any idea why I wrote this, it just came to my head


“You sure?” she asked, her voice shy and uncomfortable.

“Yes I’m sure; I will always love you” I said, “I’ll be waiting for you when you come back.”

“Okay then” she said, seemingly satisfied, “Love you too. Bye!”

I watched her walk to the the airport gates, disappearing among a sea of travellers; her blond here like a torch in the midst of a black sea. I wished that she didn’t have to go; that her company didn’t call her for a three-month long business trip. I also wished that she wasn’t lying.

I knew that the business trip was only two months; she would be spending the last one with her lover. I also knew that he wasn’t the only guy she was cheating on me with; there were plenty others. But after all was said and done I told her that I loved and that I will always love her. Most of all, I wished I was lying.

The Icognito Writer

What Is Life – Anger

What is life

I ask my self as I feel the anger rising

Destroying everything I hold dear

Locking me in

Am I alive

Another question I ask

As the rage consumes me

Covering everything in black

What’s the purpose of life

What’s its aim

Is it to steal

Is it claim

Claim all those around me

The endless, torturous theft

Why can’t I ever be free

Will it stop when there is nothing left

But now all I see is red

Red of the treacherous flames

The blood of the undead

The blood of those without names

As I try to swim, stay afloat

Drowning without hope

A sailor without his boat

I had fallen off the slope

What is life I ask

And why does it anger me so?


My Daily Life: Burning

As most of you probably know today is the Summer Solstice and here in Australia that means hell, like literal (not really) burning hell. 42 degrees celsius; I’m pretty sure you could cook eggs on the street at that temperature. They may not be done well but they would still be cooked.

And of course I couldn’t spend the day locked in the house cause I was dragged around shopping; not fun. So now I’m back and I’m still melting. I might end up as a puddle by the end of today. Anyways how was your Summer Solstice?

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My Daily Life: Fashion Models

My Little sister was watching America’s next top model and it got me thinking. Who started the concept of modeling in the first place? I’m sure it went something like this:

“Hey you there.”


“I think I can make you an offer you can’t refuse.”

“And what’s that?”

“Well I work for a fashion design company and usually people pay us to wear our clothes but for you we’ll let you wear it for free and even pay you to let us take pictures of you.”

“That sounds great but you do know I’m impossibly thin right. Who would want to buy it?”

“Dont sweat the small stuff. We have worked a deal with the fashion magazines saying that you are among the pinnacle of beauty. Those who read it would be forced to feel inferior. Then the make up and fitness industries, which we have also conspired with, will create lots of products that help people achieve what is now the ideal figure. Attacking from two sides: fear in magazines and advertisements and praise in fitness and makeup.”

“But what about the other people who are normal shape and comfortable with their figure?”

“We’ll hire models who are perfectly healthy and call them Plus Size thereby increasing insecurities.”

“You know what? Im in!”


People ask me why I have different eyes

People ask me why I don’t sit and cry

People ask me why I am not afraid to die

People asks who am I

And I just sit there and stare at them

Because creativity is my national anthem

Because at every bend

There is always a way to make amends

I see gumdrops in tears

I see flowers in bears

I see hours in years

I see hope in fear

Creativity is the ability to use your imagination

To use just ropes and glass to create a nation

Creativity is the sudden realization

That there are no cages only suppression

Creativity is mixing what you see with what you think

Creativity is using your brain to solve a kink

Creativity is about drawing smoke in the stink

Creativity is about drawing a link

Creativity is the spice of life

Creativity is imagining a sword out of a knife

Creativity is jumping out of a plane but going for a dive

Creativity is the child who survived

I want to be able to imagine

I want to be able to grin

I want to be able to smile

I want to be able to be me all the while

So my different eyes come from creativity

My lack of pain comes from imagination

My lack of fear comes from the sudden realization

That no matter what happens I am myself, and I am me.


One of my old pieces, thought I would share with you guys.

The couch, my only friend these days; she hasn’t left me yet. You see, when you work a 12 hour job, can’t afford a car, and live fifteen minutes (by car) from any mode of public transport, your friends sleep and comfort, tend to leave you.

I used to have a nice job, a comfy 9 hour job, that paid 9 grand a month and a house of my own but then the business almost went bankrupt and we had to make a few cuts. I was cut but managed to change my bosses mind, now I earn 3 grand a month and can barely pay my rent.

Nowadays I just wake up at 5, get to work by 7. Eat breakfast by 7:15 and start by 8. Get home on a 2 hour long journey (1hour and 30 minutes are spent walking), get to the convenience store, pick up a meal and a scratchie. Come home and watch the evening lottery.

This day was a bit different, I got cut (again). So I went home and did my routine. Just as I found out that I was evicted and only had 2 days left in the house. The water was cut down but the electricity was still on. I turned on the tv and watched the evening lottery for the last time. The numbers were 23 42 50 09. Some lucky person would have won. Some lucky person that was not me. I looked down at my card about to throw it out like I normally do, but I won! I actually won!

I got my best dress on (sadly, it was a not what you would expect) and walked up to the show. I got a million dollars and luckily for me, the government said a week before that any lottery winner with no source of income, or a source of income lesser than 1 grand a month, does not need to pay tax of a lottery not exceeding 45 million.

So first thing I did was to put 500, 000 in my bank account. Then I bought a new house for myself, and a cheap car. 250k left. I then got a call from my boss, asking if I needed a job. I told him no because I had just applied for a job at google as one of their accountants. I got a nice suit and went for the interview (surprisingly I passed) and I got the job.

Now I have 750,027 dollars in my bank account (with interest) and am starting a job that pays 12 grand a month. Who says dreams don’t come true?

 In response to You’re a Winner! by The Daily Post.