The Land That Never Was


There are a total of eight books in The Land That Never Was series. They are:

  1. Crown And Throne – WIP
  2. The Makings Of A War – Not Started
  3. Turmoil – Not Started
  4. After The War – Not Started
  5. The Lost Bridge – WIP
  6. Return Of The Elders – Not Started
  7. Vengeance and Mercy – Not Started
  8. Forgotten – Not Started


The Land That Never Was is set in the world of Procul (meaning far away in Latin). It is quite big; about three times the size of earth and is inhabited by a variety of wildlife. While Procul has many of the animals that we know and love (e.g dogs, bunnies and lizards). It is also foreign to some as well (no cats [soz cat lovers]). It is home to some unique species such as dragons, elder lizards and greater stallions, all of which are quite common place (not household pets though). The land has 13 large land bodies (or continents as we call them) and 21 large bodies of water. Each land body is separated into three (39 in total) and each part is called a regio and is ruled by an elder; similar to a president. Each elder has a council which helps govern the land although the elder has the last vote. For every land body (or three regios) there is a council of tionol; which governs the laws in all three regios. The most important difference between Procul and Earth is the fact that the residents of Procul utilize what we like to call magic. Drai, as it is known over there, is a unique force which lets to wielder perform incredible feats. While nearly everyone has it, it is still incredibly difficult to master requiring years of training in scoils (houses of learning). Those who are unable to use drai are called Nulls. There are five known types of drai users; mages, warlocks, guardians, bulwarks and enforcers.