Book One: Crown And Throne (WIP)


Prologue: White Walls

Nadas Snars travels a great distance to discuss with the three elders of Ishlan on the subject of the poverty of their people. Upon arrival he is faced with the enormous wealth the elders have and tries to keep his temper as the meeting prolongs…

Chapter One: The Rascal

Dominik Artsk is a young boy attending a scoil. While he is a second rank Senior Conjurer, he hopes to one day become a Senior Defender so as to live an easy life…

Chapter Two: Infiltration

Agent Harris is a secret agent waiting for his contact at their designated meeting place. But when his contact doesn’t show what happens?…

Chapter Three: The Ceremony

Chapter Four: Celebration Day

Chapter Five: The Bridge

Chapter Six: Newcomers

Chapter Seven: Hard Work

Chapter Eight: Negotiations

Chapter Nine: The 39 Elders

Chapter Ten: Gossip

Chapter Eleven: Declaration

Chapter Twelve: Discourse

Chapter Thirteen: Unease

Main Characters

  • Nadas Snars – Prologue
  • Dominik Artsk – Chapter One

Book Two: The Makings Of A War (Not Started)

Book Three: Turmoil (Not Started)

Book Four: After The War (Not Started)

Book Five: The Lost Bridge (WIP)

Book Six: Return Of The Elders (Not Started)

Book Seven: Vengeance and Mercy (Not Started)

Book Eight: Forgotten (Not Started)