Book One: Crown And Throne

Table Of Contents

Prologue – White Walls

…Nadas walked into meeting hall only to find an even more pompous display of wealth. Gold statues drooped down from the ceiling like pieces of melted butter. The whole room was brightened by a collection of chandeliers in the middle, each one more ornate than the next. Stained glass covered the windows; a display of images were left on the floor as the setting sun hit the glass. The elders were sitting one of many chairs that lay around the centre table; a baroque piece of rich brownwood…

Chapter 1 – The Rascal

…Dominik Artsk was bored; the lecture felt like it was going on for ages. It was Scholar Alana’s History class and they were learning about the History of Drai, as they had been doing for the past four weeks. Dominik didn’t understand why they needed to know where Drai came from; they just needed to know how to use it. After all, that’s why his parents sent him to scoil. He expected that he was going to be learning how to use chants and runes; not studying who was the first drai user.

Dom looked around the class; most others were just as restless as he was, some were a bit better at hiding it. Rdon was fiddling with his pen; Dom watched as the pen moved, albeit quite shakily, up and down in the air. It was a basic cast; Rdon had used an elemental chant to manipulate the air around the pen. Dom could do the same, but he had done it a thousand times already and had started getting bored of it…

Chapter 2 – Infiltration

…Agent Harris jumped over the fence unto the soft grass on the other side. He passed across the field like a blur of black; his footsteps quiet as he clung to the shadows. All around him leaves flutter in the light winter wind. Harris fastened his coat; he hated the cold.

The agent had been walking for almost half an hour now and he still had another couple of minutes to go till he reached the drop zone. Harris winced; he had gotten a cramp. He tried to straighten his legs as he walked but it had no effect and he didn’t have anytime; he had a deadline.

Ignoring the pain, Harris pressed on. He was almost there, only a few meters further. Hopefully his source would give him the info and leave; Harris wasn’t feeling any sort of pleasantry but considering his source was Michael he didn’t hold his breadth. Harris stumbled on a rock and cursed; the cold always made him so careless…

Chapter 3 – The Ceremony

…The room was quiet; eerily so. Just moments before it was abuzz with the sounds of delegates conversing. Karr Joon and the other two elders of Ishlan had been defending the actions of Ishlan’s council for the better part of the day. They had faced the boards of Zanox and Angsk who wanted to improve Ishlan’s relations with its neighbouring nations. Astrok had been busy regarding some political dealings in Virav since the start of the week, so they were excused. However, the lack of one council did not seem to reduce a number of words being spewed forth in the council room. Karr was wondering if he would be able to hear again after the day’s events when a messenger was let in.

Normally a messenger wouldn’t be let in until the end of a national council meeting but considering the length of the meeting and the apparent urgency of the message he carried; it seemed reasonable to pay attention to his words. The messenger opened the scroll he had been given, making sure to present the sender’s seal beforehand. It was from the councils of Astrok and Virav; an unusual combination. As the scroll unfolded, a great gust of wind filled the room leaving behind the scent of green roses and blue lilies…

Chapter 4 – Celebration Day

Chapter 5 – The Bridge

Chapter 6 – Newcomers

Chapter 7 – Hard Work

Chapter 8 – Negotiations

Chapter 9 – The 9 Elders

Chapter 10 – Gossip

Chapter 11 – Declaration

Chapter 12 – Discourse

Chapter 13 – Unease